Safe for the Environment

Our dry ice cleaning methods and services have been approved by the EPA, FDA, and USDA as an acceptable cleaning material to use in your home or business. It does not use solvents, slag, or sand to remove unwanted materials, and it does not leave any secondary waste behind because dry ice evaporates upon impact.

We Use Dry Ice Cleaning For

  • Mold remediation
  • Fire and historic restoration
  • Electrical and electronics cleaning
  • Gum removal
  • Graffiti cleaning
  • Automotive parts cleaning
  • Printing press cleaning
  • Industrial facility cleaning

Cleaning Tough to Reach Places

Do you need cleaning in gaps and cavities where normal grit blast cleaning methods just won’t work? Dry ice cleaning is your perfect solution. Our dry ice cleaning solutions can be done in less time, reducing costs to your company. Horsley Specialties carries occurrence insurance that is specific to the remediation of the owners’ properties.

We provide natural disaster emergency cleanup services as well.